The Allen Family

Nat Geo WILD: Bandit Patrol

A family's passion

They're also provided with opportunities to learn what they will need to survive in the wild. It takes each of us to make it happen. We love what we do and our hearts are always filled with love. Together we can all make a difference in this world.

caring for orphaned and injured wildlife in Owensboro, Kentucky

A family's passion shared with others

The Allen Family was featured on Bandit Patrol on Nat Geo WILD along with other wildlife rehabilitators in Kentucky. Enjoy the video clips below.

About Us

The Allen Family at the celebration of the premiere of  a new season of Bandit Patrol in 2016.

Nurture to Nature Wildlife Rehabilitation Center began with our family and the passion we share

to help orphaned and injured wildlife. As a family, we are the caregivers to hundreds of wild animals in need each year. Our passion to help continues to grow as does the need to help. This need allowed us to join hand in hand with Western Kentucky Raptor Center to help Kentucky-native birds of prey. What a great experience we share as a family. Together we care for these animals who are in need. In our care, each animal receives the proper food and feeding schedule, comfortable and clean living space, and medical attention.