caring for orphaned and injured wildlife in Owensboro, Kentucky

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At Nurture to Nature Wildlife Rehabilitation Center and Western Kentucky Raptor Center, our number one priority is providing care for the animals that are brought to us, but another important part of our mission is to share our passion with the community through education and outreach so that others are able to learn about the beautiful animals that surround us and are made aware of how they can help. 

Educational programs may be requested for groups or classes by filling out the form to the right. Please keep in mind that with the care of the animals being the top priority, programs may not be available during the months of April thru August. All programs are offered free of charge, however, donations are appreciated, and we encourage the group or class to get involved by helping in small ways. When making a program request, please include the age range of the group that will be involved so that we may send back a list of ways they can help the animals they will be learning about.

Along with private educational programs, we are involved with events in the area, such as Reid's Apple Festival and ROMP. At these types of outreach events, we provide opportunities for the community to ask questions, see Kentucky-native wildlife up close, and take photos. Be sure to follow us on Facebook to know where you can find us around town!