Wildlife rehabilitation is simply a journey. A journey of the lives of each animal, and of the people caring for them. We invite you to share the journey of wildlife rehabilitation with us through our monthly emails as we share stories, announce fundraising events with opportunities to interact with Kentucky-native wildlife, and more.  

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caring for orphaned and injured wildlife in Owensboro, Kentucky

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If you're seeking help for an animal in need, please contact us by phone at 270-993-6022 or 270-314-9126 or 270-231-2764. Have a question? Click here to send us a message.  

Nurture to Nature Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, in Owensboro, KY, cares for Kentucky-native wildlife that have been injured or orphaned. With the mutual goal and shared passion of returning each animal to the wild, the Allen Family works together to provide every animal it's greatest chance for survival.